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noneInternet filtering
noneTime management and time slots
noneNetAddictSoft - Statistics sent by email: usage time, websites and apps used
noneNetAddictSoft differs from other parental controls with an unlimited license
noneMy child has an administrator account. Will Parental Control be still active?
noneLimit internet duration for some hours a day and ban internet during the night 
noneHow to know the websites visited by my children - NetAddictSoft
nonehow to restrict playing time on wow World of Warcraft, MineCraft, Dofus, Elsword, League of Legends... (for Windows)
noneWhat to do in case of a lost password - NetAddictSoft
noneHow to allow the computer in time slots without exceeding a maximum daily duration (for Windows)
noneMain features in NetAddictMobile: parental control and time limiter for digital tablet and android smartphone
noneHow to ban or restrict Apps usage on tablet or android smartphone (for Android)
noneHow to block Android Apps
noneWhere is NetAddictSoft software already installed
noneHow to prohibit access to Android settings of a tablet or a phone (for Android)
noneHow to restrict FACEBOOK access duration or time slot (for Android)
noneHow to ban facebook or define max daily usage time (for Windows)
noneprivacy policy of your PC, Tablet, Smartphone - NetAddictSoft
noneHow to limit tablet usage or web access duration
noneRestrict tablet usage by time slot (for Android)
noneWhat are supported browsers by NetAddictSoft
noneNetAddictSoft users support
noneHow to ban private browsing (incognito mode) (for Android)
noneWhat's new for Android - parental control NetAddictSoft
noneWhat's new for Windows - parental control NetAddictSoft
noneHow to control SMS usage on smartphone (for Android) - NetAddictSoft
noneHow to setup re-login after standby (for Android) - NetAddictSoft
noneHow to set time limits across ALL devices
noneHow to group Apps by CATEGORY: Games, social networks, video - NetAddictSoft
noneGetting started with NetAddictMobile for Android - NetAddictSoft Parental Control
noneWhat about Android 5 Lollipop or 6 Marshmallow users and profiles (for Android)
noneBlank Android home page with NetAddictMobile: how to change homepage
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noneImage Gallery of parental control and limiting time NetAddictSoft
noneInstallation guide for Android
noneAndroid Guide MyApps details
User guides for Android
noneAndroid guide: Block download Apps
noneAndroid Guide add and delete user account
noneAndoird guide: display usage time chart for tablet and the Internet
noneAndroid guide: setup allowed time slots for browsing the Internet
noneAndroid guide: setup time slots for tablet usage
noneAndroid guide: Download profiles model
noneAndroid guide: Gold license activation
noneAndroid guide setup tablet name
noneAndroid guide Protect parental control software
noneAndroid Guide: create URL shortcut in MyApps
noneAndroid guide security of parental control software
noneAndroid guide: visited websites and Apps usage
noneAndroid guide: Apps and website monitoring
noneAndroid Guide: define time limitation for tablet, Internet and activate black list
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noneInstallation guide for Windows
noneUpgrade guide for Windows
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noneUser guide for Windows HTML
noneUser guide for Windows PDF
noneUpgrade Android parental control : User's guide
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noneMDM Mobile Device Management: Secures and Controls Mobile Fleets for Business - NetAddictSoft
noneNetAddict Brochure for Professionals (French)
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