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What's new NetAddictSoft for Android

NetAddictMobile 3.41 (3.412): Update for Enterprises - MDM (03/20/2024)

  • MDM and App update : Ok for Android 10 and more.
  • Download NetAddict Browser without Google Play

Infrastructure data centre: improvement (03/01/2024)

Data center infrastructure: improvement (01/04/2024)

NetAddictMobile 3.41 (3.411): Update for Enterprises - MDM and App update (10/21/2021)

  • MDM and App update work in mobile data mode if "GSM synchronization" option is activated.

NetAddictMobile 3.41 (3.410): minor update for Android 11 (10/04/2021)

  • send an alert when localisation is enabled
  • better Wifi management

NetAddictMobile 3.40 (3.409): Improve permissions management (06/09/2021)

NetAddictMobile 3.40 (3.408): Update for Android 10 (06/23/2020)

NetAddictMobile 3.40 (3.407): Improve Instant Messaging for Enterprise (12/19/2019)

  • Do not display Instant Messaging icon if push notifications disabled
  • Display an alert in MyApps in case of not read Instant Messages
  • Minor bug fixed on messages display

NetAddictMobile 3.40 (3.406): minor update on App Energy Eco Mode option (06/16/2019)

NetAddictMobile 3.40 (3.405): Adaptation for Android 9 (05/08/2019)

  • Option to activate the App energy eco mode.

NetAddictMobile 3.40 (3.404): Improve MDM (04/05/2019)

  • Improvement on download and automatic Apps installation

NetAddictMobile 3.40 (3.403): Improve MDM (06/03/2019)

  • Improvement on download and automatic Apps installation

NetAddictMobile 3.40 (3.402): Improve geolocation (02/13/2019)

  • Improvement on sending positions in 4G connection

NetAddictMobile 3.40 (3.401):  minor update (12/20/2018)

NetAddictMobile 3.40 (3.400):  Improve Security (09/24/2018)

  • Security: Ability to set NetAddictMobile as the default launcher. This brings the following improvements:
    • "Uninstall" is grayed out in the application manager for the latest versions of Android
    • the standard Android home is no longer displayed: in "My Apps" mode, the user goes to a blank page if he presses the Android home key
    • Ability to force NetAddict as the default launcher: if the user changes the home page, the system will ask him to change to NetAddict
  • Corrections / improvements:
    • Find Apps to monitor: Improved Display Icons and Speed
    • No display of used/remaining times in My Apps for Business

NetAddictMobile 3.31 (3.314): minor update (06/14/2018)

  • fix for weekly Apps time control.

NetAddictMobile 3.31 (3.313): minor update (05/02/2018)

  • Name of the device: it possible to fill it automatically with the IMEI.

NetAddictMobile 3.31 (3.312): update for Enterprise version (03/28/2018)

  • MDM
    • Automatic application installation: versioning for non-Google Play source Apps
    • Option (yes/no) to display MDM to users
  • User password: possibility to enable/disable password change for imported profiles that cannot be modified on the device.

NetAddictMobile 3.31 (3.310): minor update (03/18/2018)

  • fix bugs and security improvement

NetAddictMobile 3.30 (3.301): Private Instant Messaging (02/26/2018)

  • Private Instant Messaging (MIP for Business): NetAddictMobile integrates its own instant messaging (MIP) for all Android devices linked to an Enterprise license: smartphones and tablets with or without a SIM card. The sending / receiving of instant messages is limited to the scope of the company's fleet. Each device automatically retrieves the company's MIP contacts.
  • Improvements: Geolocation and Automatic update of the application.

NetAddictMobile 3.22 (3.223): Security of Geolocation (01/18/2018)

    • Check of the geolocation availability: if the account must be geolocated, the software constantly checks that the location is activated on the device and that the application still has the Location Android Permission.
    • Request to restore the location on the device: In case of unavailability of location on the device, the software immediatly asks for recovery.
    • User logout: if the location is not restored within 30 seconds, the session is closed.

    NetAddictMobile 3.22 (3.222): new features (01/16/2018)

      • Security: improvements
      • Enterprises: MyApps, possibility to define custom icons for URL shortcuts and files
      • User settings: possibility to forbid password changes

      NetAddictMobile 3.22 (3.221): minor update (12/14/2017)

        • Instant messages: minor update

        NetAddictMobile 3.22 (3.220): new features (11/24/2017)

          • Self-service: sending usage statistics: Self-service Apps can be used outside the allowed time slots. This freedom of access does not prohibit control!
          • Instant messages
            • via remote administration you can send messages that will appear in the notifications bar.
            • It is possible to request immediate display of the message.
            • In this case, the connected user will see the message appear in an automatically opened window. If it is not connected, the message will appear when it is next connected.
            • Received messages are saved. The user has a function for consulting received messages.

          NetAddictMobile 3.21 (3.210): new features (10/18/2017)

            • Viewing statistics and settings by users: A new option must be activated in the "device settings" to allow users to view their time statistics and settings. This improves communication and knowledge of defined limitations.
            • Instant sending of notifications: Remote administration allows you to compose a message and send it to a device. This message appears immediately on the device as a notification. You can request the ringing of the device, the vibrator or the lighting of a led, or all 3 at the same time.
            • Ergonomics: the application has made a new skin and presents a more attractive interface.

            NetAddictMobile 3.20 (3.200): minor update (09/28/2017)

            • Remote control: Display version, install date and update date for installed Apps
            • Web browsing: better integration with NetAddictSoft browser

            NetAddictMobile 3.12 (3.121): new features for Enterprise (09/20/2017)

              • My Apps for Companies: ability to hide items.
                • Hiding Apps or folders is useful for allowing a utility program without exposing it in My Apps.
                • Example: Pdf reader or Apps to open docs ...
                • These utility programs can be grouped into a folder. This folder can also be hidden.
              • MDM Enterprise (Mobile Device Management): Automatic Download
                • Automatic download of files with source and destination definition: by defining a source (URL), the file is automatically downloaded and stored in the desired target (storage directory on the Android device: Documents, Download, DCIM, VIDEO...).
                • Download and install applications: Automatic application downloading can be done from Google Play or from other sources. If the download source is not specified, NetAddictMobile will check its presence on Google Play and launch the installation. If a source is specified (URL), the installation package will be downloaded and the installation will start automatically.
                • The automatic start is activated in the "Device Settings" of NetAddictMobile. If it is not activated automatically, manual launch is possible.
                • The user can access the MDM from his device to find out which files and apps are installed and which ones to download.

              NetAddictMobile 3.12 (3.120): minor update (09/06/2017)

              • improve synchronization with remote control
              • warning to the administrator if Apps control is disabled after install
              • automatically allows system functions in "My Apps" (share with... open with...)

              NetAddictMobile 3.11 (3.119): minor update (07/22/2017)

              • improve German translation.
              • fix minor bug when displaying calendar time slots for Apps linked with a category.

              NetAddictMobile 3.11 (3.118): new features (06/14/2017)

              • New options:
                • Administrator account masking: If you do not want the Administrator account to be visible in the login window, by activating this option, only "normal" user accounts will be visible. This option is accessible only from remote administration.
                • Allow access to notification bar during login: By default, access to the notification bar is inaccessible until the user is logged on. By activating this option, it is possible to activate the wifi or to view the notifications without being connected.
                • Block all browsers except NetAddict Browser: This option is useful when you want to perform Internet filtering by blacklisting or keywords from Android 6. Only the NetAddict browser will be allowed for web browsing.
              • Correction:
                • The "safe mode blocking" option is inoperative under Android 7
              • Improvement:
                • "Floating" validation button in the "device settings" window to avoid going back to the top of the window to validate.

              NetAddictMobile 3.11 (3.115): security (04/11/2017)

              • Safe Mode Blocker: This setting applies in case of Safe Mode activation or during unauthorized uninstall.

              NetAddictMobile 3.11 (3.110): security (04/07/2017)

              • Safe Mode Blocker: In case of Safe Mode activation, the Apps
                • Blocks the device via a screen protected by a 5-digit PIN code.
                • Automatically disable the screen PIN code when normal mode is launched.
                • This is an option of "device parameters" in NetAddictMobile.

              NetAddictMobile 3.10 (3.105): Performance and security (03/29/2017)

              • Performance and security improvements
              • Bug fixes

              NetAddictMobile 3.10 (3.100): Security and new functions (03/21/2017)

              • Sécurity
                • Security Service: The security service has been integrated into the application. The V5 service becomes optional.
                • Permissions from Android 6: NetAddictMobile works even if all permissions (storage, phone, geolocation) are denied.
              • Attempt to uninstall: Password locked screen saver.
                • In case of an unauthorized attempt to uninstall, the software immediately blocks the device via a screen saver protected by a 5-digit PIN code.
                • This PIN code can be set in the "device settings" of NetAddictMobile.
                • To disable the screen saver after attempting to uninstall, it is mandatory to go through the application with the Administrator account and select the "Forbid uninstall" option.
                • To uninstall the software, it is mandatory to go through the application with the Administrator account and select the option "Allow uninstall"
              • New Features:
                • Self-service: It is possible to define Apps as "self-service": for example, Educational Apps.
                  • Device and App usage times will not be counted while using a self-service application.
                  • Self-service Apps can also be called from the login window: the user whose time is expired will be able to launch them.
                • Ergonomics of My Apps: ability to move Apps and create folders.
                  • If the "Move" option is allowed for the user, the user can position the Apps in My Apps as he or she chooses.
                  • Creating folders also lets you move Apps to a folder.
                  • The folders, the position of the Apps ... are synchronized with the remote administration. This allows companies to fully customize the "My Apps" desktop.
                • Shortcuts in My Apps: extension of the URL's shortcuts.
                  • Possibilities to define shortcuts to files hosted on the device: photos, movies, document ...
                  • The files must exist in the standard directories DCIM, DOCUMENTS, DOWNLOAD, MOVIES, PICTURES
                  • You can define an Apps as follows: DCIM:filename or MOVIES:filename (or file tree) ...

              NetAddictMobile 3.00 (3.002): Minor update (02/11/2017)

              • Improve performance and security
              • minor fix
              • Android 6 permissions: ask for permission during first need for: Storage, Location, Phone.

              NetAddictMobile 2.41 (2.410): Minor update (11/05/2016)

              • Improve performance and security

              NetAddictMobile 2.40 (2.407): Minor update (09/26/2016)

              • Bug fix: on user's profile change

              NetAddictMobile 2.40 (2.404): Minor update (07/19/2016)

              • Synchronize Apps and website description in order to be able to update it via the remote administration website.

              NetAddictMobile 2.40 (2.403): Technical update (07/07/2016)

              • A technical update on our central website will be launched on Monday, October 3rd 2016. Previous versions will not synchronize with the remote administration anymore. Update your software!

              NetAddictMobile 2.34 (2.344): New feature (06/07/2016)

              • Update process for companies: It is possible to define the code number of the update to deploy. When a version is validated by QA process, the only available update will be the one defined in the settings of the company profile.
              • Improvements:  security, speed and automatic update.

              NetAddictMobile 2.34 (2.342): Major update (05/24/2016)

              • Update required to receive statistics and to access the remote admin from 1st of June, 2016.

              NetAddictMobile 2.34 (2.340): New Features (05/15/2016)

              • Block all accounts: You can block all the device in one click. It is sometime necessary to block/unblock the device. It is now possible to to it without any change on various settings. This is available in NetAddictMobile "device parameters" on the device or with the Remote Administration.
              • Improvements:  security, speed and automatic update.

              NetAddictMobile 2.33 (2.337): Automatic update (05/10/2016)

              • Automatic updates: When this option is selected in "device parameters" and if a new version is available, every 30 seconds the user will be asked to accept the new version of the App.

              NetAddictMobile 2.33 (2.335): minor bugs fix (05/04/2016)

              • Updates: Enterprises can choose the App version to update in order to get an homogeneous fleet.

              NetAddictMobile 2.33 (2.330): Spanish translation (04/14/2016)

              NetAddictMobile 2.32 (2.328): New Features (04/12/2016)

              • Profiles: 
                • allow to quickly change child's settings by switching from "SCHOOL TIME" profile to "HOLIDAY" profile.
                • profiles settings are the same than user accounts settings: time limitations, time slots, managed Apps, Sites...
              • Default App: automatic App launcher when device boots or after user login
                • The user must be an "My Apps" user.
                • App to launch must be allowed for this user.
                • App to launch could be an App or a website or any file hosted be the device like a video for example.
                • Associated with Automatic Login (cf version 2.316), the device can become mono-App. For example: the device can launch only one exclusive App
              • Synchronization: new settings
                • Network timeout
                • Profile synchronization: once a day or after login and every 10 mn
              • Improvements
                • Geolocation is available when device is in sleep mode and "Reduce battery consumption" option is on.
                • Alerting: alerts frequency is automatically adjusted depending on remaining time.

              NetAddictMobile 2.32 (2.320): Performance and security (03/14/2016)

              • Performance and security improvements
              • Bug fixes

              NetAddictMobile 2.31 (2.316): New function Automatic Login (02/29/2016)

              • Automatic Login: 
                • If only one user is created on the device, the login will be automatic
                • If one user has been defined as "default user" in the "NetAddictMobile Device parameters", the login will be automatic
                • The login is automatic only if the user account has no password.
              • Auto login avantage:
                • For first time users: after installation, the new user is directly logged into "My Apps"
                • For smartphone users: it prevents login
                • For businesses, museums... : automatic connection to one "Visitor" account
              • Disconnecting the automatic login:
                • When the user clicks on "disconnect", the classic NetAddictMobile login window appears
                • When the user reaches the end of his time, the classic NetAddictMobile login window appears (otherwise there would be a loop)

              NetAddictMobile 2.31 (2.315): New function Management of breaks (02/15/2016)

              • Pause time: impose a x minutes break after y minutes of use. For example, force the child to stop 15 minutes every hour.

              NetAddictMobile 2.31 (2.311): Performance and security (February 3,  2016)

              • Performance: speed up synchro with remote administration, fixed bug when restarting the device, improvments for Android 5 and Android 6.
              • Bugs fixed: phone calls in the login page, App update function for Android 6
              • Ergonomics: Display user avatar in a round frame.

              NetAddictMobile 2.29 (2.294): Performance and security (December 15,  2015)

              • Performance: speed up Apps controls.
              • Bugs fixed
              • User information: remaining time for current Apps or categories is displayed in the task bar.

              NetAddictMobile 2.28 (2.285): New Features for Businesses and Individuals (December 3,  2015)

              • For companies: The functions for businesses are also available to parents.
                • Settings wallpapers in from remote administration: you enter the URL of your wallpapers and the software will automatically use them in users' windows.
                • Settings of the external user repository (opens a session with a business users databases (Active Directory or other repository)
                • Changing the administrator password for an entire fleet from profiles, all the devices can receive the new administrator password. This will be integrated into regular password rotation security policies.
                • Setting the user log off if device is not connected to Wifi: it allows the tablets do not stray too far from the work area.
                • Providing NetAddictSoft APIs allowing interactions between the Company Information System and NetAddictSoft. These APIs expose the functionalities of remote administration through webservices.
              • New features:
                • Setting the user logout if the tablet is charging: it protects the power cable and avoid excessive twisting during the games.
                • Automatic connection if there is only one user.
                • Android 5 and 6, upon installation, the software prompts the user to activate the necessary authorizations for the proper functioning of the application.
                • In the remote administration, it is possible to verify that the software is protected against uninstallation and the security service is installed.

              NetAddictMobile 2.28 (2.283) : New features and improvements (Novembre, 17 2015)

              • NetAddictSoft Browser without private browsing: management of the new NetAddictSoft Browser without incognito mode 
              • Improvements for Android 6
              • Security improvements.

              NetAddictMobile 2.28 (2.282) : New features and Android 6  (November, 7 2015)

              • Remote Control: The "NetAddictMobile device's parameters" can be displayed and updated remotely. This gives additionnal information like device's available memory, Android version...
              • Android 6: NetAddictMobile is validated for Android 6. It still run on previous Android versions.
              • "GSM synchronization":  optimization for 4G

              NetAddictMobile 2.28 (2.281) : New features and German version (October, 14 2015)

              • Wallpapers: Login and "My Apps" wallpapers are customizable. This allows parents, but also companies or software distributors, to integrate their own logo and wallpaper.
              • Downloading and installing apps: When importing a predefined profile, if applications defined in the profile are not present on the device, the software will install them from Google Play. This feature greatly speeds up the installation of a fleet of smartphones or tablets for business.
              • Optimization: the quality of the mobile network is tested when the option "GSM synchronization" is selected. In case of insufficient flow, synchronization is not started.
              • Internationalization: the application is available in German

              NetAddictMobile 2.28 (2.280) : New feature (September, 24 2015)

              • Accounts synchronization : NetAddictMobile administrator can launch a global synchronization process for all managed accounts. This synchronization with the remote administration can be launched with a poor quality network. 
              • Optimization: The software has been optimized for Android 5.1.1 (it is still compatible with all previous Android versions)
              • NetAddictMobile 2.27 (2.279) : Accumulated weekly times (June, 23 2015)
              • Weekly accumulated time accross multiple devices: in addition to the daily cumulative time , control of the accumulated time for multiple devices is also done on time restrictions for the week.
              • Improve display for weekly accumulated remaining time alerts

              NetAddictMobile 2.27 (2.271) : Performance et ergonomics (May, 18 2015)

              • Performances:
                • Speed up synchronization process with remote administration
                • Low battery consumption
              • Ergonomics: Quick access to software settings
              • Bugs fix

              NetAddictMobile 2.26 (2.262) : Create web shortcuts in MyApps (April, 23 2015)

              • Create Url's shortcuts in My Apps
                • This feature allows to get website shortcuts in MyApps. Websites' icons are showned as for other allowed Apps.
                • Usefull for parents who want to limit access to predifined websites.
                • Usefull for compagnies that want to limit browsing to the Intranet.

              NetAddictMobile 2.26 (2.261) : Géolocation (April 9, 2015)

              • New features:
                • BlueTooth settings from the App: usefull when Android settings access is not allowed.
                • App update is possible without Google Play: usefull for compagnies who do not want to allow Google Play or to check if App is up to date.
                • Géolocation: if enabled, the device location (and the route) can be displayed in the remote control console. Alert is sent in case of location disabled by user.
              • improvements:
                • Password is no more saved in the keyboard history.
                • Notifications (for basic version) are displayed every 30 secondes instead of 10s.

              NetAddictMobile 2.25 (2.258): bugs fix (February 26, 2015)

              • fix bug on accumulative time on multi devices
              • fix minor bugs

              NetAddictMobile 2.25 (2.255): Private browsing (January 23, 2015)

              • Private browsing: by activating "private browsing blocked" in the user's settings, incognito mode and all unsupported browsers are automatically blocked. This option is available for android 4.4 kitkat, Lollipop and upper.
              • Better management for Samsung browser.

              NetAddictMobile 2.25 (2.250): Lollipop Android 5 (December 20, 2014)

              • NetAddictMobile is validated for Android 5 (Lollipop). All previous Android versions are supported.

              NetAddictMobile 2.24 (2.242): Ergonomics (December 6, 2014)

              • New features: 
                • New settings for warning before time out (default = 5mn)
                • Wifi settings allowed in NetAddictMobile: can be defined via remote control
              • Bugs fix

              NetAddictMobile 2.24 (2.240): Ergonomics (November 21, 2014)

              • Stop flashing some buttons
              • Improved visibility of the signal strength of Wifi
              • User settings: on 5 tabs to quickly see the limitations of time, advanced settings, Apps / Site / Keywords monitored and usage statistics.
              • Wifi management: an option in user settings to enable it.

              NetAddictMobile 2.23 (2.232): New features and enhanced security (November 15,  2014)

              • WiFi management in the application: If access to Android settings is prohibited, NetAddictMobile allows Wifi setup by users
              • My Apps: 
                • speed up of the opening of the window
                • add ed explanatory texts for new users
                • Access to the online help
              • Remote control: improve display for downloaded apps and pre-installed apps
              • Compatibility with APUS launcher
              • Option to send alerts on administrator account login
              • Improved Universal Time verification: +- 10 minutes
              • Online help: access context-sensitive help with the ? button on all windows
              • Securing the Administrator account: 
                • non deletion possible
                • account is considered as administrator 
              • Installation of security service: automatically launched after license activation

              NetAddictMobile 2.23 (2.230) : New features (October 26, 2014)

              • Add profiles models in remote administration for use on multiple devices. 
              • Download profiles models on the tablet or phone from remote administration. 
              • Provision of profiles (Child and Parent) enabling faster handling of the software. 
              • Opportunity to request synchronization with the remote administration in GSM mode. 
              • For companies, schools or organizations: a single license for the entire fleet. 
              • Speed up synchronization process with the remote administration. 
              • Fix minor bugs

              NetAddictMobile 2.22 (2.226) : bug fixed and improvement (October 15, 2014)

              • Bug fix when time limit reached with My Apps
              • After license activation, automatic activation of software protection against uninstall and immediat activation of Gold version.

              NetAddictMobile 2.22 (2.223): bug fixed (September 25, 2014)

              • Better check of wifi connection quality before remote control synchronization process. 
              • Bug fixes: accept "_" in email address.

              NetAddictMobile 2.22 (2.222): New option (September 18, 2014)

              • Battery consumption: battery economy consumption in standby is optional. 
              • Bug fixes: the login window would sometimes stayed freezed after install, forcing you to restart the tablet. Acceleration windows login and "My Apps" on attempts to repeated closures.

              NetAddictMobile 2.21 (2.216) : Reducung battery consumption (August 22, 2014)

              • Battery consumption: no battery consuption while the tablet is in standby.
              • Sécurity and Performance: enhancing security and improving performance.
              • My Apps: Display remaining time for tablet usage and for each App.
              • Minor bugs fixed.

              NetAddictMobile 2.19 (2.196) : New Features (July 7th, 2014)

              • Remote Administration: Viewing Apps installed on the Android device.
                • Downloaded Apps: All downloaded Apps are visible freom remote administration: application name and technical name of the package.
                • Pre-installed Apps: All Apps integrated with the operating system or added by manufacturer are shown in remote administration. 
                • It becomes easy to add Apps to monitor without interfering with the tablet or phone.
              • Alternative applications launcher supported: Some users opt for other "launcher", such as Nova Launcher, Aviat or Launcher Pro. NetAddictMobile manages it perfectly.
              • Online Help: All NetAddictMobile screens integrate online help. By dragging the screen to the left, the contextual help is displayed.
              • User account creation wizard: Creating a new user account is guided step by step: account creation, time limitations definition, time slots for tablet, list of monitored Apps...
              • bugs fixed

              NetAddictMobile 2.19 (2.194) : New Features (July 1st, 2014)

              • My Apps Homescreen: 3 possible modes
                • "My Apps" enabled: After login, the user enters a home page with its monitored Apps. A signalitique tells him he can launch the Apps (time slots authorized and available time). The remaining time for each application is displayed below the icon of the app. This mode is suitable for young children to restrict the use of tablet exclusively to applications defined by parents. 
                • "My Apps" enabled and "Home key" allowed: allows access to the Android home page to run other applications than those limited by time slots or duration. Time control and time slots of the tablet remains active. This mode is suitable for all and administrators to have a personalized homepage with the most frequently used applications, allowing access to all the apps installed on the device. 
                • "My Apps" off: After login, the user arrives on the Android home. All applications can be launched. Controls time and time slots are carried on Apps and monitored on tablet time. This mode is the one that existed before the introduction of "My Apps"

              NetAddictMobile 2.18 (2.185) : New Features (May 10th, 2014)

              • Web filtering: improving the analysis and filtering speed from search (before displaying search results)
              • Statistics: New graphic on hourly tablet usage for the last 7 days (to know if tablet or smartphone is used during the night). This statistic is sent by email
              • Ergonomics: Apps name appears more clearly to facilitate understanding (previously, it waas the technical package name).
              • Security:
                • Blacklist is enabled by default when creating new user account.
                • Alerting on:
                  • Administrator account login,
                  • Change date or time (in this case, only an administrator account can log on tablet),
                  • an attempt to unprotect the software.

              NetAddictMobile 2.18 (2.183) : User Interface (April 29th, 2014)

              • User profile picture: each user can choose his profil picture from photos available on the device. The login screen is upgraded to a nicer look. Child may modify his picture profile at any time.
              • Usage time chart: improving presentation of the connection time on the Android device or Internet access for the past 60 days.
              • Bugfixes: some information where not exchanged with the remote administration.

              NetAddictMobile 2.18 (2.180 for Android: Apps Category and additional extra time (April 2014)

              • CATEGORIES for websites, Apps and keywords allows to control usage time and time slots for one category. This feature is usefull, for example, to control game time by linking game programs to one Game category. You can create as many categories as needed.
              • Remote Administration: Improve time slots input and IE compatibility. Categories can be managed in Remote Administration.
              • Additional exceptional time:
                • When your children ask you to add time to the day you need to change the setting of that day and then, you need to reset the settings for this day to its original value.
                • With version 2.18, you can grant an exceptional extra time for a day, without having to change the settings. The next day, the configuration time limitations (for Computer and the Internet) will be automatically restored to its original values.
                • It's possible to ignore forbidden time slots during the exceptional day.
              • Statistics: Emails can be sent to an additionnal address. This additionnal email can be setup in Remote Administration. New report is available to get detailed usage time for managed websites/Apps/Keywords and Categorie during the last 7 days. 

              NetAddictMobile 2.17 (2.173) : Emergency calls (January 16th, 2014)

              • Emergency calls on elapsed time or unauthorized time slots: 
                • Up to 3 call numbers can be setup (Mam, Dad, other)
                • Possibility to allow cell calls to all numbers
                • Once these numbers are defined, they will appear in the login window.
                • Thus, if the smartphone is locked, from the login screen, you can click on the "phone" icon. 
                • The call is initiated, but blocking the smartphone remains operational.
              • New parameters:
                • Enable/disable synchronization process for remote administration
                • Enable/disable check deice date and time changes

              NetAddictMobile 2.16 (2.166) : Check time change (November 13th, 2013)

              • Check device date and time changes. In case of wrong date or time set by children, session is closed and only an administrator account is allowed to log in

              NetAddictMobile 2.16 (2.163) : Security (November 1st, 2013)

              • Improve security during loggin phase.
              • Speed up blocking apps and banned sites

              NetAddictMobile 2.15 (2.152) : major release for performance and security (29 September 2013)

              • Speed up synchronization process between device and remote administration
              • Possibility to ban all downloaded Apps, except for monitored Apps (for non administrator account)
              • Improve security during loggin phase.

              NetAddictMobile 2.14 (2.147) : minor release and better user information (September 2013)

              • Internet filter by keywords: analyse on webpage title in order to filter (for example) Youtube content or seach query engine requests
              • User alert 5mn before time limit reached for Apps or Website (and every 10 secondes after)
              • BASIC version: usage statistics sent by email with adjustable frequency: Apps and visited websites, tablet and browsing time usage. (setup for each user)
              • Administrator account (ADMINISTRATOR without password) is automatically created during install. Password can be defined later.

              NetAddictMobile 2.14 (2.145) : Uninstall software protection is more simple

              • Software protection is available from NetAddictMobile Configuration Panel. No need to go to Android settings.

              NetAddictMobile 2.14 (2.141) : Automatic restart of the software after Google Play Automatic update

              • When Google Play updates the software with the "automatic" option, the software was not automatically started. NetAddictMobile now recognizes the update and automatically restarts.

              NetAddictMobile 2.13 (2.139): Support for Chrome, Firefox and Opera

              • In addition to the standard Android browser (Stock browser called "Internet" and a globe icon), NetAddictMobile supports Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

              NetAddictMobile 2.13 (2.137): Send statistics by email

              • Send stats by email
              • Setup email frequency
              • Create new user and change password: ask for password confirmation to prevent locked user accounts

              NetAddictMobile 2.13 (2.136): Enhanced security

              • To prevent uninstall or force stop: Settings, Security, Device Admin, NetAddictMobile, check Enable
              • If the child does the opposite action, he will be informed that only administrator account will be allowed to log on.
              • Only an administrator account can log in and uninstall the application.
              • In the user menu or logon screen, if the software is not protected, information explains how to protect it.
              • The software is protected, even when child has access to Android settings.

              NetAddictMobile 2.13 (2.135): New report for websites and Apps visited

              • Filter between two dates, or by Apps/webSites, order by decreasing time.

              NetAddictMobile 2.13 (2.132): improve calendar input

              • Copy / paste calendar
              • input in landscape/portrait mode for applications, sites and keywords monitored

              NetAddictMobile 2.13 (2.131): Time calculation

              • Adjust the calculation of time to avoid lag between real time and calculate time by the program
              • The administrator can view managed accounts passwords
              • Improved management screen saver (not counting the time in standby mode (tablet) and energy saving)

              NetAddictMobile 2.12 (2.129): Ergonomy for tablets

              • Improved ergonomics for tablets 7 and 10 inches, matching the size of the tablet for input schedule time slots.

              NetAddictMobile 2.12 (2.128): Ergonomy

              • Improved ergonomics on Tablet to display applications and visited websites: time displayed in hh, mm, ss and total per site / apps
              • User management: select a user and access to all the settings for that account (defined limits, websites and apps monitored, graph and list of websites / apps visited).
              • Delete browsing history> 30 days
              • Information to user 2 minutes before logoff (when Tablet or Internet time exceded)

              NetAddictMobile 2.12 (2.127): Remote administration

              • Remote management: display websites and applications visited with elapsed time. Possible classification alphabetically or by time.