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How to know the websites visited by my children

How to know the sites visited by your children?

Parental Control allows you to receive email at the frequency you want, and only if you like, your browsing history for each account on the computer.

The detailed history over the last 7 days.

It is the details of all the sites visited by the child. Only 7 days are sent to avoid receiving a list too large. If in doubt, you can query the parental control directly on the computer for the entire history with the dates and times of access.

Synthetic history over the last 30 days.

Synthesis sites (or domains) is accessed to gather all the sites visited on the same internet domain in one line with the total connection time in this area.

For example, if your child has access to facebook, details of history will provide all the facebook pages viewed. Synthesis mention only facebook.

Set the frequency for receiving mails browsing history

For each of these two histories, you decide to receive or not. You can adjust the receiving frequency detail or summary.

For example, you can choose to receive details of sites visited every 4 days, and the synthesis every 10 days. Indicating 0 days, you will receive nothing.