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How to group Apps by CATEGORY

Restrict the use time and control hours of use by category

Grouping by category sets operating times and time slots for a variety of applications , websites or keywords. This gives the ability to control a total time per activity.

It is thus possible to control the overall time allocated for games , social networking , video ...

How to manage application categories:

  • Parents can create as many categories as required by freely choosing the name of each category. Many parents create the following categories: GAMES , VIDEO, SOCIAL MEDIA.
  • Assign applications to one previously created category.
    • Select applications games ( minecraft , Candy Crush , ...) and involve them in the category GAMES
    • Group facebook, WhatsApp , messenger , sms SOCIAL MEDIA
    • Associate Youtube, Dailymotion to the VIDEO category.
  • Set usage time and/or time slots for each category
    • Time limitations and authorization of time slots for classes work the same way as for applications.
    • You define the allowed for each day of the week time , and / or the total time allowed for the whole week and / or time slots for a prohibited category.
  • The software counts time by category and blocks the application.
    • Once an application category is executed, the time of the class is calculated.
    • The application is stopped if the time allowed for the category is exceeded or if the use is permitted outside of class time slots .
  • User information
    • 10 minutes before the time expires , the child is regularly informed of the remaining time. He can arrange to leave the application serenely.
    • When a blockage, the child is informed about the name of the blocked application and category membership.
  • Statistics: As with all applications , websites ... you can view usage statistics by category and receive them by email.

Access to categories settings:

  • NetAddictSoft for Windows : via the software interface or remote administration
  • For NetAddictMobile for Android via remote administration.