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How to restrict FACEBOOK access duration or time slot (for Android)

Limit the use of facebook:

With the parental control, access to a website or apps may be limited by time range and / or daily timr duration.

Sites or apps to monitor with parental control:

While logged in with an administrator account, access to monitoring functions of sites, applications or keywords is available.
The function call is made by pressing the notification NetAddictMobile. To check facebook, press the "Sites / Apps / Keywords monitored" option.

Choose user on which apply a monitoring application:

All limitations and monitoring sites, applications and keywords are customized per user.
In this example, the monitoring will be conducted for facebook Erick user.

Facebook limitations - NetAddictSoft
select the user - NetAddictSoft

Selecting the application to be monitored:

If it is a new application to monitor, you must click on "new site / Keyword / Apps".
To change the monitoring of an already controlled application, click on "sites, keyword, Apps monirored" the list of defined controls appear.

Selecting Facebook Apps:

Facebook appears in the downloaded apps. It is possible to control all of the apps installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Facebook time limitations - NetAddictSoft
select the App - NetAddictSoft

Confirm the selection of the Apps to monitor:

Once selected, click on "Add Site and Apps." The software gives you a fine tunning for facebook.

Limiting facebook by time slots and maximum time for each day of the week:

By touching the screen of the calendar, you position the time slots allowed for facebook.
At the bottom of the screen, you limit the daily time allotted for facebook: 30 minutes per day, except Saturday 60mn.

For Saturday, facebook is allowed for 3 hours (18:00 to 21:00) but not more than 60 minutes. This means that the child will have free access to facebook during this period with a restriction duration of 60 minutes.

Set time limits for Facebook - NetAddictSoft

Notification for facebook ban access:

When the user launches facebook out of time slots allowed, or when the allotted time is reached, the parental control close facebook and inform the user with the following message

Facebook blocked - NetAddictSoft