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NetAddictSoft differs from other parental controls with an unlimited license

Is NetAddictSoft different from other parental controls?

Free software, included in the internet subscription are generally of low quality with little functionality. They slow down the computer or tablet and are rejected by children for this reason. It is often a legal obligation for ISPs (Internet service provider), and they do the minimum. Softwares included in the Windows operating system are of the same type.

Commercial software cost about €30 per year, which becomes a deterrent, especially when there are several children at home.

Do I need 1 or 4 licences for 1 computer or tablet and 4 user accounts? 

For one PC or one Tablet or one Smartphone, you buy only one NetAddictSoft licence: no matter the number of windows or android accounts.

Is the license valid for one year or unlimited? 

You have the choice between annual subscription or a definitive purchase. In both cases, updates are free. Our price is reasonable and accessible to the greatest number of families. You pay once and that's it.

What are the benefits of NetAddictSoft?

No computer, smartphone or tablet slowdown


  • It's sometimes preferable to allow than ban. For example, hours of homework, children need the Internet but during this period, they should not go on facebook or online games. NetAddictSoft can allow everything except a few sites using slots. After this period of restriction, Facebook or other websites will be available again.
  • Deny all except a few sites listed (this is for youngest children)
  • Total freedom within the daily or weekly limits. The child is responsible for the management of his time. At any time, he knows what he is on his "time credit"
  • The mixture flexibilities 1, 2, 3 ...

NetAddictSoft can be administered remotely. If Parents are at work, the children are at home and for a good reason, they need an extension of their computer/tablet time or the Internet. How to troubleshoot? Just go on the NetAddictSoft website, enter username and password and adjust the parental control limitations. Within 5 minutes, the changes will be taken into account by the child's computer or tablet.

NetAddictSoft for Windows or for Android combines the functions of:

  • Internet filter,
  • Apps locker,
  • Time control (overall for the device and the Internet, especially through application and website),
  • Schedule control (overall for the device and the Internet, especially through application and website),
  • Remote administration and control
  • Statistics