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Time limitation for tablet and the Internet, black list

Time limitations for the use of the tablet or the Internet may vary by day of the week.

In the example above, ERICK user will have access to the tablet 60 minutes on Monday, no restrictions on Tuesday, 1:30 Wednesday ...

Internet will be limited to 30 minutes on Monday and Tuesday, 45 on Wednesday ...

It is also possible to set a time limit for the week (in hours).

Blacklist: In this screen, you can enable the blacklist. With this simple click, Internet browsing is secure by checking a blacklist of more than one million websites list.

Statistics by email: you can adjust email frequency (in day) to receive stats on usage time and website/Apps visited.

My Apps: This option is enabled by default. 

If disabled, the user will have access to the standard Android home screen and can run all the applications installed on the tablet or smartphone (within the limits of authorized or limitations set hours). In this case, access to NetAddictMobile menus via  notification bar (where current time is displayed). 

Exceptional time: Allow additional time for a day, without having to change the settings. On next day, Computer and Internet time limitations will be automatically restored to its original values

Ability to ignore time slots for the day.

To confirm the entry, press  "Save"
Time limitation for tablet and the internet
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