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How to setup re-login after standby (for Android)

After Android device standby, parental control can ask the user to log in.

This is usefuf to prevent children to use tablet with parent's account. If setup is made by a parent and the tablets is used by children without logoff, they will retreive all parent's access rights.

After standby, you can define 3 modes to manage re-login:

  • Never: Parental control will never ask to log in after tablet standby. This is recommanded for smatphone. In this mode, administrator's account my close his session to force child to log in after setup.
  • Always: re-login and password is always asked after standby.
  • After x minutes: parental control will ask for re-login avec x minutes in standby mode. Default is 2 minutes. 

To access this setup: Configuration panel, device's parameters, Ask for login after standby.