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Usage statistics for Android and Windows


Emailing of statistics

NetAddictSoft can send usage statistics of computer or tablet use by your children via email. You can choose the frequency of this statistics: daily, weekly ... You will know the daily computer or tablet and Internet use for each child and the websites and Apps visited by your child through the detailed history over the last 7 days and the breakdown of the websites visited during the last 30 days. You can then decide whether or not to limit the daily or weekly usage time, or to restrict access to certain websites or programs.

Get an e-mail with usage statistics sent to you once a week (or more).

"I have banned some sites, in agreement with my children. But I can also check the browser history stored by the parental control to see what is being accessed and adapt the list of blocked sites as necessary. I want the parental control to send me an email with details on children's computer usage, so I can decide whether to limit the duration of use and restrict access to certain websites."