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How to block Android Apps: example with Google Play

Block google play store

Prohibit access to the market place with the parental control NetAddictMobile:

  • Select the child's account,
  • Select the Google Play Store app,
  • and it's done.

Block an Application in details:

From the Parental Control user menu, select "Sites / Apps / Monitored Keywords", then select the user for whom you want to control the use of an application. Here we choose "ERICK". Click "New Site / Word / Apps" located at the top right of the second image.

The software presents applications in two forms: those that have been downloaded, or all applications on the tablet or smartphone. In this example, we click on "All Apps".

It is possible to select multiple applications simultaneously at one time. Here we select Google Play Store, and click "Add Site and Apps".

The calendar for the Google Play Store app is totally red, which means that parental control will never allow the ERICK user to launch this application.

The last image shows how the user ERICK is informed by the parental control that the application he has just attempted to launch is prohibited.

Restrict Google Play - User menue - NetAddictSoft
Restrict Google Play - Select App - NetAddictSoft
select the App - NetAddictSoft
Select Google Play - NetAddictSoft
Restrict Google Play - NetAddictSoft
Google Play blocked - NetAddictSoft