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Device's parameters

The following settings apply to all NetAddictMobile accounts set on the Android device

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Language: Choose the software language (English, French, German, Spanish). You can change the language at any time.

Device name: Enter a name for your tablet and enter a valid email address. The email address is required to access remote administration and receive usage statistics by email.

Open session after standby: Three logon management mode are available after standby:

  • Always: after sleep, the login is always required. It's like Windows, but requires the user to re-enter their password every time.
  • Never: after sleep, NetAddictMobile asks nothing. In this mode, the user himself must log off (opening / closing session of the software feature). This option is recommended for smartphones.
  • After x minutes: the logon request will be made if standby was more than x minutes.

Block downloaded Apps: 

If an App is downloaded and not monitored, it will be blocked. If selected, Apps must be explicitly defined as monitored Apps to be runnable.

Check GMT time: if the date/time is not the correct one, the current session will end. Only administrator account will be allowed to log in.

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Block Safe Mode: ScreenLock Password: During an unauthorized deprotection or Safe Mode, the App locks the screen with the password defined in "screen password"

Email on Admin login: you receive an email alert when an administrator session is opened.

Icons size: Icons are on login window (user's picture) and on MyApps window (icons of allowed Apps). Depending on your screen size, you can select small (1), medium (2) or large (3) icons size.

Disconnect if no Wifi: The session is closed if the device is no longer connected to a Wifi network. Example of use in media library: session closed if the device moves too far from its normal zone of use.

Disconnect if charging: The session is closed if the power cable is plugged in. This avoids deterioration of the cable when using games with strong tablet movements.

Close notification: Close the notification bar immediately if it is open. This prevents the user from accessing the notification bar functions.

Close system messages: Identical to "close notifications" and automatic closing of Android system messages (system update, device shutdown / restart). This function is useful to prevent the device from being switched off.

Automatic update: If checked, the software updates automatically.

Block the device: This function is usually checked from remote administration. If checked, only the Administrator session can connect. This allows you to remotely block the device.

Manage website

Default user: Automatically opens the user's session when the device is restarted, without going through the login window.

Network timeout: Maximum time waiting for synchronization. This setting can be exceptionally increased in the case of very slow Internet connection.

Profiles once a day: launch synchronizations only once a day. As a standard, synchronization with remote administration occurs every time you log on and every 10 minutes.

Screen Password: Screen lock PIN code in case of attempted unauthorized uninstallation or restart in safe mode. (Linked to the option "Block safe mode")

Disable Apps Control: This option should always remain unchecked, except in some cases of "exotic" Android versions. This allows NetAddictMobile to be used in a degraded mode to manage the overall usage time of the device, without fine control at the application level.