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What's new NetAddictSoft for Windows

Data center infrastructure: improvement (01/04/2024)

NetAddictSoft 9.86: improvement (10/04/2021)

  • Fix minor bugs in Chrome and MsEdge browsers

NetAddictSoft 9.85: improvement (10/19/2020)

  • Minor optimizations

NetAddictSoft 9.83: improvement (09/25/2020)

  • Fix minor bugs in Chrome and Firefox browsers

NetAddictSoft 9.81: new Microsoft Edge Browser (06/24/2020)

  • Improvement for new Edge browser

NetAddictSoft 9.80: improvement (02/04/2020)

  • Fix bug in web time calculation

NetAddictSoft 9.79: improvement (02/14/2019)

  • improvement for Firefox browser

NetAddictSoft 9.77: improvement (12/07/2018)

  • improvement for Chrome and Edge browsers
  • better information on blocked websites

NetAddictSoft 9.76: fix for Firefox (07/31/2018)

  • fix for FirefoxVersion 61.0.1

NetAddictSoft 9.75: fix for Chrome (04/04/2018)

  • fix for ChromeVersion 65.0.3325.181

NetAddictSoft 9.74: minor update (11/29/2017)

  • Statistics: counting of program time in the foreground even if they are not monitored. The monitored programs are always counted even if they are in the background.
  • Software security: sending alerts in case of potential anomaly.

NetAddictSoft 9.73: minor update (09/11/2017)

  • Delete the elapsed web time alert when there is no web browsing or when the accessed website is in the whitelist.
  • Automatic blocking of system programs via a "NetAddictProtect" category to enhance security.
  • Improved synchronization with the remote control.
  • New: Stop mode of the session (when time limit reached or on forbidden time slot), 2 options: Lock session or Close session

NetAddictSoft 9.71: minor update (04/11/2017)

  • fix a problem with statistics sent by email

NetAddictSoft 9.70: minor update (03/22/2017)

NetAddictSoft 9.68: Improvements (01/04/2017)

  • Better control on Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers

NetAddictSoft 9.66: Improvements (12/14/2016)

  • Better control on Firefox and Opera browsers

NetAddictSoft 9.64: Improvements (09/26/2016)

  • Bugs fix on user's profil change.

NetAddictSoft 9.63: Improvements (09/07/2016)

  • Better control on Opera browser
  • Bugs fix:  Display of alerts, Remaining time of a category.

NetAddictSoft 9.60: Technical update (06/21/2016)

  • A technical update on our central website will be launched on Monday, October 3rd 2016. Previous versions will not synchronize with the remote administration anymore. Update your software!

NetAddictSoft 9.58: Major update (05/24/2016)

  • Update required to receive statistics and to access the remote admin from 1st of June, 2016.

NetAddictSoft 9.57: German translation (05/16/2016)

NetAddictSoft 9.55: Improvements (05/15/2016)

  • Close session / Standby: The software will active session standby instead of closing session when time is exceeded or out of allowed time slots.

NetAddictSoft 9.54: Improvements (04/04/2016)

  • Minors updates: 
  • Profiles management
  • Clock control with GMT (UTC)
  • Software security
  • Default settings for new user: In the Remote Administration, it is possible to define default settings in the NEWUSER profile for all new users added on the PC. 

NetAddictSoft 9.53: New functions Alerts settings (02/29/2016)

  • Settings display alerts time: previously set at 15 minutes before the expiration time, it is now possible to define when alerts are displayed.
  • Variable frequency of alerts display: The alerts frequency is automatically adjusted according to the remaining time: every 15 minutes for a time greater than 15 minutes, every 5 minutes for a remaining time between 5 and 15 minutes, every minute between 1 and 5 minutes, every 10 seconds for a remaining time less than 1 minute.

NetAddictSoft 9.52: New function Management of breaks (02/15/2016)

  • Pause time: impose a x minutes break after y minutes of use. For example, force the child to stop 15 minutes every hour.

NetAddictSoft 9.50: minor fixes (January 6, 2016)

NetAddictSoft 9.47: bug fix for Windows 10 (November 17, 2015)

  • Edge browser: improvements.
  • Fix: suppress warning "print in progress" during statistics email is sent

NetAddictSoft 9.46: availabiliy for Windows 10 (September 16, 2015)

  • Availability for Windows 10: The software is validated for Windows 10 and can manage the new Microsoft-Edge browser. Versions XP, Vista, 7, 8 et 8.1 are still supported.
  • Accumulated time accross all devices: weekly time limitations are taken into account.
  • Websites and monitored Apps: Exceptional time during forbidden time slots. This feature is usefull for small companies that want to allow facebook between 1 pm and 2 pm, for example, and add a 15 mn usage during forbidden periods.
  • Add a new App to monitor: the software displays a list of the installed apps on the PC to help the identification of the program to control. 

NetAddictSoft 9.40: New features (April 17, 2015)

  • Stats of blocked websites: in addition to the visited websites report, a new "blocked websites report" can be received by email. Date, time and reason of blocking are mentionned.
  • Profiles models: In the Remote Administration Console, it is possible to create profiles models for Windows users accounts. By associating one or more users to a profile model, it is easy to :
  • setup a collection of accounts in one operation: useful for compagnies or organizations
  • change one account settings from a profil model to another, for example, from SCHOOL profile to HOLLIDAYS profile in one operation.
  • Additionnal settings available in the Remote Administration Console: Check GMT time, Display remaining time details, Time before closing session.

NetAddictSoft 9.38:  (April 11, 2015)

  • Ask for a 14 days trial version: possibility to ask for a trial version from the App. A license code is sent by email.
  • fix bug on weekly time control

NetAddictSoft 9.33 for Windows: Updates (27/11/2014)

  • Major updates: check for available updates, download and install are all integrated in the update function. No more need to go to our website to download updates.

NetAddictSoft 9.30 for Windows: Ergonomics (01/10/2014)

  • Improvement of Alerting and Remaining time information windows

NetAddictSoft 9.27 for Windows: GMT and ergonomics (17/09/2014)

  • GMT:  The verification of the computer time is performed relative to GMT. In case of discrepancy, the user session is closed. This is particularly useful when children attempt to bypass parental control by changing the time of the computer from the BIOS. This function is activated in the setting page limitations for a user account.
  • Look and feel: New function to display remaining time for monitored applications. Ability to display the remaining time for the use of the computer, the Internet and all the monitored applications and sites. The remainder of the current application usage time is displayed first, allowing "gamers" to be informed in real time and to leave the game before NetAddictSoft requires. This feature can be enabled in the user account settings.
  • Look and feel: Improved display of alerts (on impending of end of the session or a time-limited application): the child can move the alert to the location of his choice to do message not interfere in the ongoing work or game. 
  • Bug fixed: improve English translation

NetAddictSoft 9.23 for Windows: Apps Category  and extra time (28/03/2014)

  • CATEGORIES for websites, Apps and keywords allows to control usage time and time slots for one category. This feature is usefull, for example, to control game time by linking game programs to one Game category. You can create as many categories as needed.
  • Remote Administration: Improve time slots input and IE compatibility. Categories can be managed in Remote Administration.
  • Exceptional time: It's possible to ignore forbidden time slots during the exceptional day.
  • Statistics: Emails can be sent to an additionnal address. This additionnal email can be setup in Remote Administration. New report is available to get detailed usage time for managed websites/Apps/Keywords and Categorie during the last 7 days. 

NetAddictSoft 9.20 for Windows: Extra time for the day 

  • Additional exceptional time:
  • When your children ask you to add time to the day you need to change the setting of that day and then, you need to reset the settings for this day to its original value.
  • With version 9.20, you can grant an exceptional extra time for a day, without having to change the settings. The next day, the configuration time limitations (for Computer and the Internet) will be automatically restored to its original values.
  • Email of statistics: correction of the anomaly that sometimes prevented the opening of PDF files.
  • Speed up of closing prohibited webpages 

NetAddictSoft 9.18 for Windows: 

  • Setting time logoff. Default to 5 seconds, some parents ask to return to the previous version of 120 seconds
  • Synchronizing the whitelist with remote administration.
  • Provision of a Chrome extension for consideration of the blacklist

NetAddictSoft 9.17 for Windows: improvements integration of 9.16 releases 

NetAddictSoft 9.16 for Windows: update for Chrome release 29

  • Chrome 29 (August 2013) is fully managed by parental control NetAddictSoft
  • Minor correction for English wording.

NetAddictSoft 9.15 for Windows: Blocking Programs and monitored websites:

  • Information about 15 minutes before locking the user application or website, same as information when session or Internet time has expired.
  • Information when the application is stopped by parental control: if the child starts an application with no authorization from the schedule, or if the time of this application has already expired, he understands that the application did not start because NetAddictSoft has blocked it.
  • Improve the calculation of the weekly time remaining.

NetAddictSoft 9.14 for Windows:

  • If necessary, the software launch a data files maintenance.
  • White-listed websites remain accessible even when Internet time credit has expired. (Thanks to users for their suggestions that allow NetAddictSoft to be closer to the needs and uses.)
  • Consolidation of all minor updates to 9.13
  • Enter the password: simplification at first launch (useful for new users)
  • Deleting unwanted messages update process
  • Immediate closure of the session (instead of 2 minutes) when the time credit has expired.

NetAddictSoft 9.13 for Windows: 

  • Increased Internet analysis frequency
  • Better information when timeout in Firefox and Opera
  • Time in Chrome in incognito mode is taken into account  (associated with whitelist browsing)