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How to limit tablet usage or web access duration (for Android)

Limit the usage time of the tablet:

Parental control NetAddictMobile offers the possibility to limit the time of use and Internet access for each user of the tablet or phone.

The limitations can be configured from day to day or for the whole week. Depending on the activity of the child, school days or weekend flexibility setting allows you to be closer to the schedule of your child.

In one screen, you can access time restrictions for the tablet, internet and for each day of the week.

Access the time limitations settings:
Select "User time limitations" then select the user.

User time limitations - NetAddictSoft
select the user - NetAddictSoft

Set time limits:
For ERICK, we will allow the use of the tablet (or smartphone) to 1 hour per day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, 90 minutes on Wednesday and 2 hours on Saturday.
The internet access will be limited to 30 minutes per day, except on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays (45min, 60min, 15min)
In addition, the child can not use the tablet more than 7 hours per week with 3 hours of internet.

Set time limits - NetAddictSoft

All these settings are optional. If you want to control the duration of the tablet on Wednesday, you enter a time for Wednesday, and leave the rest of limitations to 0. value of 0 means that there is no limitation.

Enable the blacklist of more than a million inappropriate web sites:
Activation of the blacklist is available in this function (blacklist activated).