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How to ban or restrict Apps usage on tablet or android smartphone (for Android)

Ban or limit usage of Apps on Android tablet or smartphone:

NetAddictMobile can be used as an Apps Locker or to restrict time usage for Apps or Websites.

Select "Sites/Apps/Keywords monitored" from main menu of NetAddictMobile (only available for administrators defined in NetAddictMobile control panel)

Choose which user whose Apps you want to be monitored (ban, allow depending on time slot, restrict usage duration...)

Click on "New site/Keyword/Apps"

Selection is made from the Apps that have been downloaded, or from all Apps installed on the Android device included pre-installed applications.

You can select several applications to monitor at the same time:

Select menu - NetAddictSoft
select Apps - NetAddictSoft

When selection is finished, press "Add site and Apps" button.

From that moment, selected applications are prohibited for the user MATHIS. NetAddictMobile works like an Apps Locker.

Defining time slots and / or maximum daily duration of use of an application

You will find the list of the monitored applications for each user.
Find and select Gmail settings screen limitations.

This screen is similar to the Windows software and Remote Administration website for NetAddictSoft / NetAddictMobile. When you know how to setup NetAddictMobile for android, you also know how to setup NetAddictSoft for Windows or Remote Administration website!

Initial configuration of the control application appears: everything is red, indicating that no slot is allowed.

Moving one finger on the schedule, time slots automatically switch from red to green and vice versa.
To limit the total duration of use of the application by modulating day by day, you meet the time in minutes that you want to allow the application.

We allowed the application about 2 hours around noon, depending on the day of the week, but not more than 30 minutes per day.

Apps to control - NetAddictSoft
Time slots and App duration - NetAddictSoft

Others examples of Apps that may be important to block:

SMS: if your child send SMS during the all night, you can restrict "messaging" Application with time slots.

Games Apps: to manage games applications, you could set a maximum time usage by day and time slots.