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privacy policy of your PC, Tablet, Smartphone

Data confidentiality:

No personal data present on the device is transmitted to the outside, by any means whatsoever.

Your email address (required to receive statistics by email or remote administration) is known only by parental control NetAddictSoft and not subject to any distribution.

Uninstalling the software:

The software can be uninstalled like any Windows or Android Apps. However, with the GOLD version of parental control, it is possible for parents to protect software in order to be uninstall only by them.


No advertising will be integrated in the software, both Windows and Android.

Remote access can not hack information from the device:

There is no access to your device. This is the PC/Smartphone/Tablet that periodically polls the central server for parental control NetAddictSoft whether there are parameters to update the device.

The server then transmits the new configuration. Conversely, if the settings of the device are newer than the server, data are sent to the server.

It is only these settings that are exchanged between your device and the NetAddictSoft server.