NetAddictSoftSecure and manage companies' tablet and smartphone fleets.

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Control AppsCONTROL

  • Blocking apps
  • Usage stats
  • Apps Versions and hardware status

Block or allow applications and system features. Web filtering.

Set schedules of use.

Know the use of devices: time spent by application, websites etc.

Manage software versions, hardware storage capacity, etc.


  • Route
  • Location

Locate a device.

Know the journeys made by a device.

View the position of all devices in the fleet.

Automated Installations

automated installationsAUTOMATED INSTALLATIONS

  • Apps, updates
  • Files and Documents

Broadcast and automate the installation of applications, updates and downloads of any type of document.

Remote administrationREMOTE MANAGEMENT

  • Settings
  • GPS
  • Activity

Centralized console to define the settings of each device or to consult their position, route, use.

Standardize software versions in one operation.

Delegate administration to employees.

Private instant messagingMESSAGING

  • Instant
  • Private

Broadcast messages from the centralized console to one or more devices, with or without the obligation to read.

Communicate between IM device.


  • Corporate Home Page
  • Authorized Apps

Customize the homepage of devices to the image of the company and according to business needs.

Manage the authorized Apps by device or through standard profiles.

The NetAddictSoft scope features makes it a versatile tool that can be adapted to different contexts to meet the diverse needs of organizations. 

Companies want to deploy their business applications on a fleet of tablets or phones. They would: 

  • Prohibit downloading anarchic Apps to ensure the safety and performance of the device, 
  • Block access to Android settings to limit support costs, 
  • Apply business rules to the "right to disconnect" restrict the use of applications night or weekend (email or other enterprise applications)
  • Standardize and adapt the configuration NetAddictSoft the entire fleet at once, with a single license for the fleet 

Schools, colleges and high schools equip students tablets 

  • Teachers want 
    • Allow exclusive access to educational applications during school hours
    • Internet access control
    • Standardize and adapt the NetAddictSoft setup to the entire fleet in one operation
  • Parents want to control the use of the tablet at home
    • Limit the duration and the time slots of use
    • Block inappropriate websites
    • Get usage statistics 

NetAddictSoft meets all of these needs, and more!