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Upgrade parental control for Android : user's guide

The application has its own update system: 

Manual mechanism launched be the administrator or by a user if allowed.

Automatic and mandatory.

Update launched by Administrator: Control Panel, Update the Software, Install the latest update.

Mes Apps UK
My Apps: settings panel
Install last version
Launch installation

Update launched by users: The Administrator must allow updates in the user's settings. The user clicks on the update icon.

allow user update
Update icon
Update icon 2

Automatic updates: The administrator must check "Automatic update" in the "Device's parameters". If an update is available, the application asks the user to run the update. If denied, the request is repeated every 30 seconds.

My Apps: device settings
Option: force update

For companies: choice of the update to be applied to the entire company fleet is homogeneous. Click "Select the version to install" and choose the update to install.

Choosing the version to install