NetAddictSoftSecure and manage companies' tablet and smartphone fleets.

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Mobile Device Management: Secures and Controls Mobile Fleets for Business

Block applications

To ensure the security and integrity of the devices, NetAddictMobile can block all applications, including Android settings or Google Play.

For more information about blocking applications:

Allow only some applications: the "desktop" My Apps

The "My Apps" mode exposes to the user only the applications to which he is entitled to. This desktop will only contain authorized applications, files or url.
The "My Apps" wallpaper is customizable to fit the corporate identity.
"My Apps" provides the ability to hide items:
  • Hiding Apps or folders is useful for allowing a utility program without exposing it in My Apps.
  • Example: Pdf reader or Apps to open docs ...
  • These utility programs can be grouped into a folder. Folders can also be hidden.
For more information on "My Apps":

Download files and applications automatically

    • Automatic download of files with source and destination definition: by defining a source (a URL), the file is automatically downloaded and stored in the desired destination (storage directory on the Android device: Documents, Download, DCIM, VIDEO...).
    • Download and install applications: Automatic application downloading can be done from Google Play or from other sources. If the download source is not specified, NetAddictMobile will check on Google Play and launch the installation. If a source is specified (a URL), the installation package will be downloaded and the installation will start automatically.
    • The automatic download is activated in the "Device Settings" of NetAddictMobile. If it is not activated automatically, manual launch is possible.
    • The user can access the MDM from his device to find out which files and apps are installed and which ones to download.

    Manage the fleet with a centralized administration console

    Initial setting:

    • NetAddictMobile can be configured directly on the device or from the remote administration.
    • Generally, a typical profile is created centrally. This standard profile has all the restrictions, authorizations and adjustments to be applied to the mobile fleet.
    • Ability to create multiple template profiles (one per company function, for example)
    • When the software is installed on the Android device, the profile is imported to the device.

    Update: maintenance of the settings is done on the standard profile from remote administration. The devices automatically synchronize with the settings defined in the administration console.

    The administration console receives technical information about each device: software version, Android version, free memory, installed apps ...

    For more information on remote administration:

    Geolocate fleet devices

    If geolocation is enabled in the profile, the devices return their position to the administrative console. From the console, it is possible to know:

    • the last known position of a device and the date / time of the measurement,
    • the path taken by the device over a time interval,
    • the position of all the devices in the fleet.

    For more information on geolocation: 

    NetAddictMobile Automatic Update

    In order to respond to all the update scenarios according to the Apps deployment processes of the company, NetAddictMobile proposes several updating possibilities:

    • Manual update: The user must voluntarily click on an update button.
    • Automatic update with the latest published version: the user is obliged to accept the update.
    • Automatic update with a specific version defined in the profile: when the Quality processes needs a validation of the application before deployment, it is possible to fix the version to be updated, even if other new versions are available. This function is used to harmonize the deployed NetAddictMobile version across the entire fleet.

    Time management

    NetAddictMobile has many other features such as time slots or usage duration restrictions . These restrictions may apply for the entire device or go down to the level of each application.

    For more information on time limits:

    Multi-user integrated with NetAddictMobile

    NetAddictMobile integrates his own multi-user management and logon.

    The Android device can be shared among several collaborators with different roles in the company.