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Getting started with NetAdictMobile (for Android)

Getting started with Android Parental Control

To take over the software incrementally, we suggest you follow these steps. They allow you to discover the many possibilities of Android Parental Control starting from the observation of the use of the device, the simple configuration of time restrictions and filtering , control time slots , up possibilities for grouping application by category.

Creating a user account for each child

Creating an account automatically activates blacklist and pre-recorded keywords filtering and sends statistics by email . When children connect with their user account, there will be no restriction, with the exception of internet filtering.

Observation of use

Before imposing restrictions NetAddictSoft helps you to know how the child uses his tablet or phone: time spent per dayhours of operationapplications used and websites visited. Statistics for use are available from the tablet, via email and via remote administration .
The first steps will help you communicate with your children on objective factors . You can then set reasonable restrictions based on criteria specific to each family.

Limit the use of time depending on the day of the week

From your observations and statistics provided by NetAddictSoft ( time of use per day ), limit daily time of use of the tablet. The time allowed may vary depending on the day of the week a little more on Wednesday or the weekend .

Control time slots allowed for the tablet or phone

With statistics on hours of use of the tablet or phone , you know every hour if the device is used or not. You can prohibit the use at night. Hourly ranges have a granularity down to the half hour. It is possible to prevent the tablet from 8:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. for example.

Prohibit applications

Some applications may cost you when the child has the opportunity to buy online . You can potentially block all applications of the tablet. For example , Google Play Store may be prohibited , as access to Android parameters ...

Block applications according to duration of use and time

With statistics on applications usage (sorted by decreasing time duration of use), you immediately see the most longer applications accessed. If time seems excessive , you can per-application , define a maximum duration for each day of the week and time slots allowed. Blocking Facebook becomes easy!

Block all downloaded applications, except as authorized

It is also possible to block all downloaded applications at once. Only applications subject to an authorization may be initiated by the child.

Allow the use of telephone and emergency calls outside the authorized time slots

For smartphones , it is possible to create emergency numbers or let phone calls outside the authorized time slots.