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FAQ on parental control for Windows and Android

How to know Apps usage and browsed Websites (for Android)

With NetAddictSoft for Android, you know: 

  • visited websites: by child, day by day, with access time for each website.
  • Apps usage: by child, day by day, with access time for each application.

The consultation of the usage information can be made from the tablet or Remote Administration.

For more details, see the user guide or topic "sites visited and applications usage" or visited websites on Windows

How to access parental control menus on tablet (for Android)

Access to software menus on tablet:

  • Go to notification bar (where time is displayed)
  • Tap on NetAddictMobile line, where connected user's name and elapsed time is displayed
  • You enter in NetAddictMobile Menus
  • For more information read Android parental control user's guide

How to add a new user on tablet (for Android)

Add users on tablet:

What is ADMINISTRATOR password (for Android)

ADMINISTRATOR account is automatically created during software install

  • ADMINISTRATOR has no password.
  • Password can be changed with "Change password function"

Does NetAddictMobile still work with WiFi connection (for Android)

Parental control works perfectly

  • In WiFi mode
  • With internet connection via mobile operators
  • In offline mode (without internet connection)

Why NetAddictMobile is not available on Google Play Store? (for Android)

The application is no longer available on Google Play Store

Since early July 2015 NetAddictMobile was removed from Google Play Store by Google.

  • NetAddictMobile can block the tablet or applications (within the time limits and time slots) or deny access to Android Settings and Google Play Store, Google believes that our application does not comply with its rules.
  • NetAddictMobile is a victim of its efficiency!

How to get NetAddictMobile App?

Installation: You must "allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store".

Open Android settings, Security, check Unknown sources.

Then click the download link to install the software: download NetAddictMobile.

How to block Windows Store on Windows 8 or Windows 10 (for Windows)

How to block your child from downloading Windows Store Apps

As NetAddictSoft can block any apps or program, you can define wwahost.exe or WinStore.App.exe (windows 10) to monitor.

If you do not allow time slot to run this program, Windows Store will be blocked for that user.

You child will not be able to access Windows Store and this will prevent him/her to buy apps.