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Time management, filtering, remote control

NetAddictSoft helps children's protection by integrating both Parental Control and Time Lock. Its use is identical on Windows, Android and on the remote administration website, making it easy to handle by parents. All the functions presented are available for Windows PCtablet and Android smartphones. Parental control NetAddictSoft is guaranted not slow to your computer, tablet or internet browsing.

Time management

Restrict access times and manage time slots for Android and Windows

Limiting duration of daily or weekly use of computers or tablet and Internet access

You can set time limitations for the computer, tablet or smartphone and Internet for every day of the week and or for the entire week. If several children share the same computer, you can assign a time for each of them and avoid arguments. According to age or needs, you can assign different time frames for each child.

Pause management: you can impose mandatory breaks after some time of use. For example, force the child to stop 15 minutes every hour. The time of the break and the duration of use from which the break will be requested are adjustable to the minute.

Setting access times to websites, programs or Apps.

Your children can access the Internet for schoolwork. During this period they should not access social networks or IM (Instant messaging). You can limit Facebook or MSN to periods you define. You can block certain network games such as WoW (World of Warcraft). These Apps will only be allowed to run in time slots agreed. Accessing them, uses up the allocated internet access time.

For Android, it is possible to restrict browsing to some known websites.

Blocking computers or tablet and Internet access

During the night, the device can be completely blocked by Parental control: each child can have their authorised daily schedule for their session or Internet use with an outright ban on any set time period. For example, a child may be allowed Internet access for one hour per day but forbidden access between 9 pm and 7 am. Similarly, a child's session can be deactivated at certain times of the day with a maximum usage time allocated during authorized periods.

Block downloaded Android Apps

Children can now download a huge range of Android applications. It becomes increasingly difficult to monitor them all. The NetAddictSoft Android version can block all downloaded apps (already downloaded and those that will be in the future). If this option is selected, only the explicitly permitted Apps can be launched. The authorization  can also cover both the duration of use and the allowed time slots.

Grouping Apps and programs by category

Parental Control allows you to group programs, Apps and websites by category. Time controls and schedules apply to the category. It is possible to consolidate all gaming programs in one GAME category and allocate the child a total time for playing. You can create as many categories as you want.

Exceptional time allowed for a day

It may happen that your child needs extra time. You can grant additional time for one day. This special day can be declared in advance or be the current day. This feature prevents parents having always to restore the usual settings after an occasional change: this is done without changing the restrictions defined for a typical week.

Internet filtering

Internet filtering for Android and Windows

Parental Control White List

Your children should also be able to freely access certain educational websites. The White list feature allows you to define sites for which no limitation of time or access will be imposed.


The blacklist of more than one million "adult" sites is automatically updated.

Keywords for parental control.

NetAddictSoft also allows you to define your own keywords blacklist.

Remote Administration

Local administration or remote control for Android and Windows

Remote control of user accounts

If your children prevent access to their computer, or if you are not home to change settings, NetAddictSoft can be remotely administratedYou can monitor and change NetAddictSoft settings over the Internet (with any browser).

Even if you need to monitor several computers, each of them with multiple user accounts, everything can be managed a single point via NetAddictSoft remote control websiteIn addition, you can display charts showing usage time.

Accumulated time consumed on multiple devices

A child who is using several computers, tablets or phones, even with different accounts is able to see all of their usage time recognized and controlled by NetAddictSoft . In association with NetAddictMobile , the solution for android tablets and smartphone , the child can move from one device to another and total usage time will be added and taken into account for the daily limits.


Usage statistics for Android and Windows


Emailing of statistics

NetAddictSoft can send usage statistics of computer or tablet use by your children via email. You can choose the frequency of this statistics: daily, weekly ... You will know the daily computer or tablet and Internet use for each child and the websites and Apps visited by your child through the detailed history over the last 7 days and the breakdown of the websites visited during the last 30 days. You can then decide whether or not to limit the daily or weekly usage time, or to restrict access to certain websites or programs.

Get an e-mail with usage statistics sent to you once a week (or more).

"I have banned some sites, in agreement with my children. But I can also check the browser history stored by the parental control to see what is being accessed and adapt the list of blocked sites as necessary. I want the parental control to send me an email with details on children's computer usage, so I can decide whether to limit the duration of use and restrict access to certain websites."


Geolocation (for Android)

Locate the device

NetAddictMobile allows to know the position of the device thanks to the display of a map in the remote control. The date and time of the measurement of the geolocation is displayed on the map. The position measurements are made every 10 minutes.

Show route

You can track all movements of the device over a period of your choice. The starting and ending points are highlighted as well as the layout of the route on a map.

Enable geolocation

By default, geolocation is disabled. From NetAddictMobile settings on the device or from the remote control, this function can be activated. Viewing the last known position and the layout of the course over a period are available from the remote control.


Security features for Android and Windows

Blocking the functions of Windows or Android Administration for the teenager or children's session.

Although the control panel is protected by a password, each user can check how long they have used and how much time they have used and how much credit is left, helping children become more responsible about the amount of time they spend online, and how they use that time.

Change control date or time 

The date and time of the computer, phone or tablet are checked relative to universal time. In case of inconsistency, the user access are closed. This security is configurable. 

Alerts by email 

If child attempts to bypass the software, parental control immediately sends an email to parents in the following cases: 

  • Disabling protection software 
  • Date or Time improper 
  • Opening the software as administrator 

Supported browsers: 

  • Windows: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera ... 
  • Android: standard android browser, Chrome, Firefox, Opera ...