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How to set time limits across ALL devices

Your child use multiple devices (windows and Android)

You want to control the global time spent by your child on all his/her devices (PC, tablet, smartphone).

NetAddictSoft for Windows and NetAddictMobile for Android can control a global time limit. This allow, for example, to limit to a maximum of 2 hours a day across all devices.

Example: the child use multiple devices but he/she must not go over 2 hours a day across all devices.

  • The settings will be:
    • on every device PC, tablette, smartphone: set 2 hours max for the child (The child can have different account name depending on the device)
    • In the Remote Administration, create a "super user" to group all child's accounts on the different devices.
  • When child is connected to one PC (or tablet) with a 2 hours daily limit, if he used this PC only 5 minutes but, if the cumulative time on all other devices exceeds 2 hours, our App will block the session.

For your information: the cumulative time is available for daily and weekly time limits, for the device and Internet usages (not for category)