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Create URL shortcuts in MyApps

Use case: restrict access to some known websites
  • for families: access to educational websites, encyclopedia...
  • for companies: access to known professional websites, business Intranet sites...
The sites defined as shortcuts will be:
  • displayed in MyApps (with authorized apps)
  • monitored for uptime and time slots
How to create a URL shrotcut:
  • Create a website to monitor
  • Add http: or www. before the website address
  • example: To access
    • enter:
    • without //
Create URL's shortcuts
Display URL's shortcuts in MyApps

Shortcuts to files:

  • Possibilities to define shortcuts to files hosted on the device: photos, movies, document ...
  • The files must exist in the standard directories DCIM, DOCUMENTS, DOWNLOAD, MOVIES, PICTURES
  • You can define an Apps as follows: DCIM:filename or MOVIES:filename (or file tree) ...