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Upgrade parental control : user's guide

Minor update, major update ?

Minor update : Fix minor anomalies, the version number does'nt change.

Major update : New features, the version number changes.

How to know current installed version number: It appears in the title of all windows of the software.

How to know the last available version: see what's new in every release.

Minor update

The software shows all available patchs and update the software after confirmation.

Major update : new version

  • Close all opened windows sessions
  • Launch NetAddictSoft as Windows Administrator
  • After logged into NetAddictSoft, click on the green icon, top left

This will stop NetAddictSoft Agent and Services

  • Close NetAddictSoft
  • Download the installation file here 
  • and install it (all the data will be unchanged)
  • After installation, reboot the computer.