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Websites, Apps and Keywords to monitor

Manage or Ban a website or keywords

Press "New website to monitor."
Enter all or part of the url, or keyword and validate.
The site (or keyword) is now monitored, with a all red calendar: total prohibition of access to ERICK user.
Allow site navigation according to time slots and daily/weekly max duration:
Press schedule to switch red/green square,
Set maximum times allowed for each day or for the entire week.
Manage website
Forbid keywords

Block Android Apps (App locker)

The usage time of each application is automatically stored by parental control. The time spent by Apps can be displayed by the administrator with "websites and apps visited" function and received by email.

To set limits and schedules for an application:

Press "New Site / Apps / Words monitor"
Select applications to monitor and validate.
All selected applications become prohibited to the user.
As for websites or keywords, you can grant permissions for each application according to schedules or maximum usage time.

This feature is useful for blocking "Settings" and other Android applications you do not want your child to run, or to restrict games Apps time.

Example of blocking:
How to ban or restrict Apps usage on tablet
Ban or manage android Apps
Grant permissions for Android Apps