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Add and delete tablet user account

Add a new user account

Manage website
To create a new user, enter his name and password.

If this user is an administrator (access to setup functions), you must check the "administrator" box.

Apps access type:
All except forbidden Apps: Android Home: "My Apps" off: After login, the user arrives on the Android home. All applications can be launched. Controls time and time slots are carried on monitored Apps and on tablet time. This mode is the one that existed before the introduction of "My Apps"

None except allowed Apps: "My Apps" enabled: After login, the user enters a home page with its monitored Apps. A signage tells him he can launch the Apps (time slots authorized and available time). The remaining time for each application is displayed below the icon of the app. This mode is suitable for young children to restrict the use of tablet exclusively to applications defined by parents. 

Mixed: My Apps + Android Home: allows access to the Android home page to run other applications than those limited by time slots or duration. Time control and time slots of the tablet remains activeThis mode is suitable for administrators and teenagers to have a personalized homepage with the most frequently used applications, allowing access to all the apps installed on the device.

Delete user account

Manage website

Select the account to be deleted,
Press Delete,
The software asks you to confirm the deletion.