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Security features for Android and Windows

Blocking the functions of Windows or Android Administration for the teenager or children's session.

  • Parental control will efficiently work, even when your child has an Windows administrator account. By controlling the advanced features of Windows, you can restrict access to the task manager, to prevent NetAddictSoft being uninstalled, or access to the control panel. Your child can still administer the computer and install software, without being able to bypass NetAddictSoft.
  • For Android, the tablet or phone settings can be blocked, and NetAddictSoft uninstall or "force stop" can be also disabled.
    • Permissions from Android 6: NetAddictMobile works even if all permissions (storage, phone, geolocation) are denied.
    • Attempt to uninstall or Safe Mode: Password locked screen.
      • In case of an unauthorized attempt to uninstall, the software immediately blocks the device via a screen saver protected by a 5-digit PIN code.
      • This PIN code can be set in the "device settings" of NetAddictMobile.
      • To disable the screen saver after attempting to uninstall, it is mandatory to go through the application with the Administrator account and select the "Forbid uninstall" option.
      • To uninstall the software, it is mandatory to go through the application with the Administrator account and select the option "Allow uninstall"
Although the control panel is protected by a password, each user can check how long they have used and how much time they have used and how much credit is left, helping children become more responsible about the amount of time they spend online, and how they use that time.

Change control date or time 

The date and time of the computer, phone or tablet are checked relative to universal time. In case of inconsistency, the user access are closed. This security is configurable. 

Alerts by email 

If child attempts to bypass the software, parental control immediately sends an email to parents in the following cases: 

  • Disabling protection software 
  • Date or Time improper 
  • Opening the software as administrator 

Supported browsers: 

  • Windows: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera ... 
  • Android: standard android browser, Chrome, Firefox, Opera ...