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how to restrict playing time on wow World of Warcraft, MineCraft, Dofus, Elsword, League of Legends... (for Windows)

How to block or limit usage time for wow, LoL, Minecraft?

Parental Control allows you to restrict the usage time of any software, especially software for online games.

To control a network game:

Identify the name of the game program
Save this program in the "monitoring sites" Parental Control
Define the periods authorized use of this program with the timing of parental control

During this game, Internet time is counted. If the time limit is exceeded, the game ends.

Example to limit network game WoW:

  • Start parental control NetAddictSoft
  • Click "new site to watch"
Enter the program name wow:
In 64-bit Windows, the name is WoW-64.exe
In 32-bit Windows, the name is wow.exe
Click OK.
Now, wow unbootable. His calendar is completely red: no permissible period of use.
If the child tries to launch warcraft, wow the home page is displayed, but when he clicks on "play", nothing happens. Wow launcher can no longer launch wow!

  • Define slots allowed for wow

To allow wow in the day, you must define the schedule. Click on the calendar to activate slots green. If the child uses and WOW it passes through a slot unauthorized wow stops.

  • Limit internet time: additional optional
Monitored programs count down the time allowed for internet. If limitations exist internet time, when the time is up, the game will be stopped automatically monitored.

Block or restrict Minecraft

Minecraft has 2 programs: 
  • a launcher Minecraft.exe,
  • an execution environment under java: javaw.exe
To monitor Minecraft, you must control the following program: javaw.exe
Then you control all the games running a Java virtual machine.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

  • To monitor Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you must control the following program: Minecraft.Windows.exe

Block or restrict Dofus

Dofus has 3 programs:
  • UpLauncher.exe,
  • Dofus.exe,
  • DofusMod.exe
To monitor Dofus, you must control the following program: DofusMod.exe

Block or restrict Elsword

Elsword has 2 programs:
  • Elsword.exe, 
  • x2.exe
To monitor Elsword, you must control the following program: x2.exe

Block or restrict League of Legends (LoL)

LoL has 2 programs:
  • LolClient.exe, 
  • League of Legends.exe
To monitor LoL, you must control those 2 programs