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How to ban private browsing (incognito mode) (for Android)

Private Browsing

When children do not want to trace their navigation, they activate private browsing in their browser. Most browsers allow and encourage this use. The trend would be to generalize, leaving browsers editors the opportunity to monetize your children browsing history.

Private Browsing for Windows

All functions are operational:

    • Internet filtering
    • recording and viewing your browsing history
    • count of internet time
    • time count if websites are monitored
    • access permission according to the schedule defined for the internet or for monitored websites

Control incognito browsing with NetAddictMobile for Android 4.4 kitkat, 5.x Lollipop

NetAddictMobile detects and blocks private browsing: in NetAddictMobile user's settings, check the box "private browsing blocked". If checked, all private browsing and unsupported browsers will be blocked.

With all android versions (included android 6)

If you want to outlaw private browsing:
  • For all accounts, prohibit all installed browsers on the device, including the standard android browser application called Internet (
  • install NetAddictSoft browser (a browser without private browsing)

What browser do not have private browsing?

NetAddictSoft Browser: This browser can be downloaded on Google Play:
Download NetAddictMobile from Google Play

For Your Information, NetAddictSoft for Windows controls private browsing for all browsers.