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today, 00:00

I wish to archieve following:

- Every new installed app goes to some default (predefined by admin) settings.
- Each application which need other settings has to be configured separately

This way i dont have to include every single application into the list, becouse i know it goes with default global settings. I have ereader app which has to be available always, so i just could give no restriction on that, and every other application would have global restriction settings.

Initially i thought that COMPUTER role act like global settings, but it is for locking tablet completly. Then i thought that  . (dot availalble on the list) act like global settings but it is not blocking anything.

Is it even possible to use that scenario, or i have to pickup every single application to the manage list and then paste the the same settings to each if it?
If this is the only case then i need to block all newly installed app by default and grant setting every time my kid will install something...

Appreciate for answers..
today, 00:00
It is possible to block all newly installed app by default and grant setting every time your kid will install something...

To do this, open NetAddictMobile Configuration Panel, then Device Parameters, activate option "Block downloaded Apps"


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