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08/07/14, 00:00
As a user of the Android version, I wish to express my satisfaction with this app:
  • frequent updates and enhancements
  • very usefull new features like "my apps"
  • user support efficient and fast.
Very good!
27/08/14, 00:00
We use NetAddictSoft at home on android tablets and for Windows PC's. It's a VERY GOOD tool and it helps our family.
03/01/15, 00:00
The best software for parental control and time limiter

Our 3 children's PC and phones are controled by NetAddictSoft.
We are very satisfied with the App. NetAddictSoft team listen to our suggestions and improve the software to meet our needs.
We strongly recommand this app (on Windows and Android)

15/01/15, 00:00
I really like your software and it has helped me manage my son's excessive gaming.
02/06/18, 10:37

Schneller, hilfsbereiter und persönlicher Kundenservice per Mail. 
Der Entwickler scheint für Verbesserungsvorschläge offen zu sein, die durch kostenlose Updates auch in der kostenlosen Version verfügbar sind.
Unter Android 5 (Lollipop) verbraucht die App verschwindend wenig Batterie und verlangsamt das Gerät auch nicht im Geringsten.
Am Anfang erscheinen die Einstellungen sehr umfangreich (was an der Anzahl an unterschiedlichen Funktionen liegt), aber nach einer ersten ausführlichen Einrichtung können auch kleine Anpassungen schnell durchgeführt werden.
Ich habe keine im Preisleistungsverhältnis vergleichbare App gefunden und deswegen bekommt diese hier 5 Sterne.

02/06/18, 10:39

Price-performance ratio

Faster, more helpful and more personal customer service by mail.

The developer seems to suggestions for improvement to be open, that are available through free updates in the free version.

Under Android 5 (Lollipop) the app consumes vanishingly little battery and does not slow down the device even in the slightest.

At the beginning of the settings very extensive (which is due to the number of different functions) appear, but even small adjustments can be performed quickly after a first detailed arrangement.

I have not found comparable in value for money and that's why this app gets here 5 Stars.

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