NetAddictSoftKontrollieren die Nutzungsdauer am Computer, Tablet oder Smartphone. Schränken Sie Internetzugriff, Spiele und soziale Netzwerke ein. Websitefilterung. Apps Locker. Für Privatpersonen und Unternehmen.

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NetAddictMobile: parental control and time limiter for digital tablet and android smartphone

Parental control and time limiter for tablets and android smartphones

Download available here

Some screenshots of NetAddictMobile

Main features in NetAddictMobile:

  • Automatic launch of NetAddictMobile at android device startup
  • Users management of the android device :
    • create user accounts 
    • open/close session to "charge" time on users and manage access control depending on users.
    • update password
  • Daily and weekly time limiter by tablet's users,
  • Access control with time slot for each user
  • Apps control: define time limitation and time slots for Apps. See an example to restrict Apps usage
  • Internet time control and time slots for each user.
  • Administrate limitations via Android device or via NetAddictSoft Remote Administration website. Common user interface administration tool for Windows, Android and website.
  • Accumulated time beetween PC and Tablet : a user can move from PC to tablet, his/her global usage time will be taken in account for daily or weekly quotas.
  • Display Stats on tablet or on NetAddictSoft Remote Administration Website.
  • Menus: via NetAddictMobile icon in android system bar on top screen.
  • Licence activation for NetAddictMobile GOLD.


NetAddictMobile will ask to enter followings informations: Device name, your email, and language.

NetAddictMobile BASIC allows to create users. You know device usage, visited websites and apps time usage: this version is free.